Life Force Healing
The Creator & The Creation

Holding the promise for increasing quality of life by benefiting
humans, animals, agriculture and nutraceutical products


Dianne Vincent is a scientifically validated energy healer, successful entrepreneur, vibrant presenter and woman leader on a mission to increase the overall quality of life by utilizing the Divine Life Force Energy, also referred to as Biofield Energy, and its healing benefits for individuals, animals, agriculture and nutraceutical product enhancement.

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Scientifically Validated Benefits

Boost in

Increase in Progesterone Levels

Improvement in Liver

Decrease in

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As a breast cancer survivor from 2009, I was devastated on discovering a lump in my left chest wall in 2013. With Dianne’s treatment the lumps vanished before my biopsy and even now over a year later, my health checkup shows everything is normal, no lumps or bumps. Dianne called me the night before surgery to ask me what I was going to say when they don’t find anything. I had not thought about, thank you, Dianne. You are amazing.

Norma W, Alberta, Canada

Dianne is an amazing instrument in Divine hands to do the work she does! I was on daily thyroid and compounded hormone medication to manage my hormonal imbalances, hypothyroidism and periodic hemorrhaging. Eventually a healing from Dianne led me to a miraculous transformation. Within two weeks, I was clear of my symptoms and able wean myself off medication within 3 months. Thank you!

Debbie B., Utah, USA

A girlfriend had also told me about Dianne Vincent and the “miracle” she had performed on her sister in law who had breast cancer. I was desperate and got in touch with Dianne which turned out to be the best choice I made after getting diagnosed with malignant brain tumor. I didn’t experience any expected side-effects during radiotherapy and after a month Dianne told me that the tumor was gone. An MRI scan with my oncologist confirmed that the tumor had indeed gone. I am so grateful.

Carrie P., Alberta, Canada
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All humans, animals, plants and plant based products respond to the Life Force Healing Energy connecting the Creator and the Creation.

Joint Ventures

Joint Ventures available with a group of 6 validated Trivedi Healers

  • Agriculture/Plants
  • Livestock
  • Nutraceuticals

Adults and Children

  • Stress Relief
  • Improvement in Health Issues
  • Increased Immunity
  • Pain Reduction

Special Group Sessions

  • Open Group sessions
  • Private,Tailored to your Group Sessions


  • Pain Reduction
  • Improved Health
  • Increased Immunity
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