Welcome, and Who is Guruji?

/Welcome, and Who is Guruji?

Welcome, and Who is Guruji?

Welcome to my blog, You can expect insightful knowledge gleaned from firsthand experience by either myself or guest bloggers in the Trivedi Healers community. Most topics will be our understanding of the knowledge shared while in the presence of the Spiritual Master, Guruji Mahendra Kumar Trivedi.

When implemented, the knowledge is life-changing.

There are 2 questions that I am asked:

“Who is Guruji Mahendra Trivedi and what makes him so special? This can be quite a daunting question because it falls in the category of attempting to explain a phenomenon the likes of which the world has never seen.

“How did you find out about Trivedi and what have you experienced?”

Who is Mahendra Kumar Trivedi and what makes him so special?

Mahendra Trivedi was born in India in 1963 and led a fairly normal life until one night in 1995 he entered a state superconsciousness and felt a peace and calmness he had never known. It was then that he received Divine guidance that he was to use his gifts to benefit humanity.

Trivedi began to harness and transmit this Divine energy to thousands of people and the transformations were phenomenal. He became recognized as a Spiritual Master and was given the name Guruji, which means “revered spiritual teacher”

Guruji began harnessing and transmitting this energy to not only living things but also non-living material. When tested scientifically, the Trivedi Effect has been shown to transform the cellular structure of the living material and alter atomic structure of a nonliving material. The results of 350+ peer-reviewed published papers are in the university library websites of over 3,500 universities all over the world, including the prestigious Ivy League universities, as well as the National Institutes of Health.

Science abilities aside, even Gurujis physiology has been medically tested and differs from humans!

  • His Craniosacral rhythm is 90-92 seconds/ cycle. This rhythm is 5 times slower than the slowest rhythm ever recorded for a human
  • His Central Nervous System is in the highest state of sympathetic excitability AND parasympathetic calm at the same time. This is physically impossible for a human.
  • His Musculoskeletal System shows growing cartilage which indicates an age below 25 years in a human. He was 54 at time of x-ray examination
  • His Circulatory System shows 0% atherosclerotic plaquing and more elasticity than a newborn baby.

How did I find out about Trivedi and what have I experienced?

I first learned about Guruji when he was a guest on a call in 2011. From the moment I heard his voice, I felt something stir inside me and I needed to know more. I looked up a published research study performed on a crop of older diseased, poor producing Mango trees . Within a year, the blessed trees in the orchard were transformed and producing abundant succulent fruit while the unblessed tree were still diseased, unproductive and dying. Guruji was able to harness and transmit the Divine Universal Life Force with scientific validatation, not placebo or anecdotal! I was intrigued and joined the Trivedi Healing Masters program.

Over the past 7 years, I have seen and experienced things that only someone connected deeply to the Divine could do. Because of Guruji, I experienced a higher level of consciousness and spiritual awakening. I am now being led by my Spirit that is connected to the God of my understanding and I continue to transform. I have been blessed with the ability to harness and transmit the Divine Life Force and increase quality of life for others. I have seen with my own eyes and the validation through medical testing the reversal of aging in people because of this energy. It is NOT anti-aging, It is the REVERSAL of aging. Big difference.

In plain language, someone with the abilities of Guruji walks the earth only once every few thousand years. There is no one in the world that can do what he has come to do. I am honored and privileged to have not only been in his presence but to learn from the depth of his wisdom and knowledge that he so graciously shares. It is the best of my understanding of this knowledge that I now impart to you. May you be blessed by implementing this truth and knowledge from the Divine.


Mahendra Trivedi

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