What is the Life Force Energy?

What is the Life Force Energy?

Many cultures from ancient civilizations up until modern day science have been aware of an energy surrounding living organisms.

You may have heard it called different names such as qi, prana or biofield.

It is now a fact that no matter what this energy is called, it exists. The scientific name is biofield, and much of the scientific community is busy theorizing how it is formed and includes ideas from electromagnetic fields to a quantum vacuum. See detailed article: Biofield Science Current Physics Perspectives

The Life Force, in its simplest terms, is the intelligent powerful energy from God the Creator to Creation. It connects us to everything in existence and without it, there is no existence. By asking the questions below, I will show you real life examples of the Life Force in action and just how essential it is to life on our planet.

Have you ever wondered how your own body knows what to do with the food you eat? The process itself is astounding but few of us ever give it a thought because we’ve been eating since we were born. We eat a carrot and our body magically takes a few nutrients out of it to give you healthy eyes.

We eat a leaf of spinach and magically the iron ends up as part of our red blood cells that carry life-giving oxygen to our body. The protein from an egg ends up being made into skin or heart muscle. This is Life Force.

Did you know when a mother animal produces milk for her young that it is tailor made for her species? Whale milk has different ratios of nutrients compared to a mares milk.

Gorilla milk is different from a cows milk. Nature knows EXACTLY what is required for each species to live and thrive. There is no guess work. This is Life Force.

Why does an orange tree produce oranges and an apple tree produce apples? Why does a tiny little acorn have the ability to grow into a massive oak tree?

Why does a tiger know it is a meat eater and a deer knows that it is a plant eater? How does a bluebird know when to fly south or fly north? Why do plants burst to life in the spring and not in the dead of winter?

It is the Life Force and ALL of Creation depends on it.

Can Life Force be depleted?
Life Force can become low depending on stressors, usually from the environment. Low Life Force manifests as disease in plants or low production in crops. In humans, it manifests as poor attention span, sleep problems, high anxiety and a long list of other symptoms including low immunity. When the Life Force is increased, changes occur that bring balance and optimize the Creations potential.

How can the Life Force be harnessed and raised?

The Trivedi Effect is the ONLY scientifically documented ability to harness and transmit this Intelligent Life Force to living and non-living materials:

  • 350 published peer reviewed scientific articles
  • Results in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, genetics, human health and materials science
  • Publications on 3500 University libraries
  • Publications on the National Institutes of Health library
  • Over 4,000 citations

Take the time to go back and re-read the questions in this blog and really contemplate your answer. You will begin raising your awareness to the Creators Life Force that is all around you.

The Life Force Energy represents a monumental paradigm shift as it brings with it the potential to change consciousness and the way we view life on the planet.

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Dianne Vincent is a scientifically validated energy healer, successful entrepreneur, vibrant presenter and woman leader who utilizes Life Force Energy and its healing benefits for individuals, agriculture and product enhancement.

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