You may be wondering why I’m writing about a skunk in my blog. This will become clear and has the potential for an insight that you will always remember as you look at the water around you. Rain is a form of water created by the Divine and is FULL of life force.  I myself had never really paid much attention to this fact until the following skunk ordeal.

On the evening of Sept 15th , it was time to take the dogs out for their evening pee before going to bed. It was a dark night because the sky was heavy with overcast clouds. As we headed out in the dark, the dogs raced ahead and I heard Betty barking madly and figured she was chasing a deer or the local fox.  I wish this was the case.

As I made my way along the trail, the air was suddenly filled with a horrible stench. Just as I realized what the stench was, a small black shape with a pure white stripe down the back came into view less than 5 feet in front of me. SKUNK!!!! I turned and ran down the trail hoping I hadn’t been sprayed and wouldn’t fall in the dark. Both dogs showed up shortly after I arrived back at the motorhome.

Bryce was fine but Betty was reeking of skunk. There was no way I was letting her in the motorhome so she spent the night outside in the screen room. She wasn’t impressed but neither was I.  Come morning, Betty was still reeking and could be smelled from 30 feet away.

It was lightly raining as we let Betty out of the screen room. She was not coming in the motorhome until I’d be able to get at least some of the stench off of her. Betty wandered around in the light misty rain for a couple of hours until I had time and made a concoction of water and oxyclean detergent.   As I went outside to rub it on her, Betty already had no detectable skunk odor.

I thought I was imagining it. I bent over and smelled her head and neck. No skunk odor.  Not even rubbing her and then smelling my hands! Since I’d already made it, I rubbed my anti skunk concoction on her and headed out for our walk. When we arrived home, I rinsed Betty off. Still no odor.

Now, for any of you who have ever had a dog , cat, horse or yourself that was unfortunate enough to get skunked, depending on what you use, the best you can do is to get the stink down to a tolerable level of around 10% by neutralizing it. Even then the smell takes weeks to finally be totally gone and comes back if the animal gets damp.

Betty had ZERO odor!  Not even a hint of skunk on her collar. Never had I experienced this and I’ve had many skunked dogs over my lifetime. I got to thinking, what was different this time. The rainy mist???  Skunk spray is an extremely oily chemical that requires a neutralizer , not water.

Now back to the rainy mist and the main point of this story which is knowledge shared by Guruji Mahendra Trivedi. He had told us a few months ago about water being alive if it was free flowing in a river, lake or ocean. It is the creation of the Divine and is full of life force.   Once it is “contained” in a canal, a pipe, a bottle etc., it stops the water from flowing naturally around curves and obstacles and it loses its life force and is essentially dead.  Could rainwater also have huge life force?   You decide.

The evening before, Betty had gotten the full force of skunk spray on her face, legs, neck and ears. It was enough to make my eyes water and nose burn to be near her.   Same thing in the morning, I couldn’t stand the stench of her.


Betty was sprayed full force by a skunk

She totally reeked right after the incident and the next morning.

She wandered around in the light misty rain for a couple of hours and her fur was completely wet.

The smell was 100%, totally and completely gone from the rainy mist.

Even after drying and coming in the motorhome in the afternoon, the smell was totally, 100% undetectable.

No matter the concoctions or neutralizing agents I’ve used in the past and combined with water that comes from a tap or hose (lifeless water?) the smell is still noticeable.

This leaves me with a couple of questions to ponder. If a light rainy mist from the Creator is alive and has the power to COMPETELY remove skunk spray, what else can water do if it isn’t manipulated and confined?  Our bodies are made up of 70% water.  What happens when this water is filled with the Divine Live Force?

Until next time!

PS   My next blog will cover the question, “What can your Spirit do if it isn’t manipulated and confined?”


Amazingly enough, on Oct 2nd, 150 miles from the first encounter, Betty got skunked AGAIN! We had an unusual early snowfall in Alberta so there was 6 inches of snow on the ground. I figured if rain water had removed the stink before, rubbing snow on her might do the same. No luck, she still reeked. Then I had an idea to melt snow just to the liquid stage and rub it on her. IT WORKED! Within twenty minutes of the melted snow rubbed on her fur with a cloth, Betty had zero detectable smell.

Try it next time you have a run in with a skunk if you have rain or snow. It works!

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Dianne Vincent is a scientifically validated energy healer, successful entrepreneur, vibrant presenter and woman leader who utilizes Life Force Energy and its healing benefits for individuals, agriculture and product enhancement.

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What a magnificent observation and share, Dianne Vincent! Truly, this has penetrated me and caused me to consider this strong potency of the Life Force in nature! I look forward to your next blog!


A very well written and insightful share! There is great knowledge to be gained through your own experience with Life Force through nature with your dog and how to remove the odour from an encounter with a skunk. Your solution oriented way of thinking of melting snow is also valuable knowledge!