Is Your Spirit Confined and Manipulated or Free and Flourishing?

Is Your Spirit Confined and Manipulated or Free and Flourishing?

In my last blog “Skunked, I wrote about my experience with pure rain water and the ability to remove 100% the stench of skunk spray . Tap water or water that has been confined or manipulated in any way such as in a tank, bottle, canal etc. , cannot do this. It is my understanding the water loses its Life Force when manipulated or confined other than the way the Divine intended for it to function. I ended with the question “What can your Spirit do if it isn’t manipulated and confined?”

If water performs differently when it is free from constraints, then your Spirit will have specific abilities and attributes if unconstrained because it is full of Life Force.

Every one of us has been given a body, a mind and a Spirit. The definition of the word “Spiritual ” means that our body and mind are led by our Spirit. Somehow, we have managed to manipulate and confine our Spirit and ended up with our Mind leading. So how can we tell which is leading?

Clear signs that your Mind is leading you:






  • Anxiety, worry
  • Health Issues
  • Sleep issues
  • Poor relationships
  • Feels like you are swimming against the flow
  • Going around in circles or stuck
  • Listening to others opinions and being affected by them
  • Doing, doing, doing but getting no where
  • Feeling that something is missing
  • Procrastination
  • Long list of excuses for everything
  • Lethargy
  • Lack inspiration and creativity
  • No synchronicity
  • Learn life lessons the hard way
  • Low perception and awareness

Clear signs that your Spirit is leading you:

  • Calmness , a feeling of deep knowing
  • Sleep well
  • Vibrant and Healthy
  • Answers just appear
  • Creativity and Courage
  • Feel a presence of being guided
  • Speak your truth
  • There is a flow to your life, synchronicities
  • Inspired and Ambitious
  • Humble (You know who you are deep inside and no ones opinion can sway you)
  • Opportunities appear and you know if they are right for you
  • High quality relationships
  • Quick decision making
  • Realize quickly if you’ve made the wrong decision and make necessary corrections
  • Inspired
  • Joy
  • Happiness
  • Being aware and knowing that whatever is going on around you is okay
  • Accept and learn from your mistakes
  • Take ownership of your life in all aspects with no excuses
  • Acknowledge, Accept and Implement
  • Characters of Trustworthy, Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, Caring and Motivated
  • High awareness and perception

The Spirit has UNLIMITED knowledge that it can draw from with useful thoughts and solutions because it is connected to the Infinite Divine Life Force, the God of your understanding. Have you ever woke up from a deep sleep with the best solution to a problem that has been bothering you? This is your Spirit giving you the answer. The most useful thoughts always come from Spirit.

The Mind can ONLY come up with solutions and ideas from its extremely limited belief system. How limited is it? The mind can only find a solution from belief programs it has personally been exposed to. Where do we get our belief exposure from? They are instilled in each of us from the moment we are born. How? By our environment, political agendas, other people, parents, friends, the media, the country we live in etc.  We aren’t even aware of our beliefs most of the time but they ARE running our life and give us our opinions and perception of everything.

The Spirits rightful place is the leader of the mind and body. The Spirit gives the mind the most useful thoughts to implement in your life.

The Minds rightful place is as a follower of instructions from the Spirit. The most useless thoughts come from our mind when it is disconnected from Spirit.

Now back to the original question but I’ve changed the wording a bit:   What will our SPIRIT lead us to accomplish if it isn’t being manipulated and confined by our MIND?

My experience is that with our Spirit leading, it will produce a fulfilling, joyful, happy life that is tailor made just for us. Some call it our destiny. The only way I know with certainty to have our Spirit as leader is by strengthening our connection to God the Creators Divine Life Force by raising our consciousness.

In upcoming blogs I’ll cover in more detail this list of signs of whether the mind or spirit is leading .

Until next time!

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Dianne Vincent is a scientifically validated energy healer, successful entrepreneur, vibrant presenter and woman leader who utilizes Life Force Energy and its healing benefits for individuals, agriculture and product enhancement.

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What a great post! I like how you begin by talking about water and then move into the fullness of a flowing spirit. Very beautiful wisdom here, thanks for sharing!


Really enjoy reading your blog posts! Rich in content! Such clear examples of knowing how to identify if you are being led by your mind or your spirit. How our spirit has more useful thoughts ones we can utilize and implement where as the mind produces more useless thoughts when disconnected from the spirit. Looking forward to reading more of your future posts!

Roxanne Denault
Roxanne Denault

Great information, yes you are right, beliefs are running our life!