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Holding Hands Up High


Life Force Healing Energy connects all aspects of Creation to the Creator, which is the key to better quality of life

Please note that all of the information on this page including but not limited to ideas, philosophies, and spiritual teachings, is educational in nature and is provided only as general information – it is not to be considered medical or psychological advice. Dianne Vincent is not a licensed medical or health-care professional. Dianne Vincent will not perform medical treatments, prescribe substances, or interfere in any way with the treatment of a licensed medical or health-care professional. Any energy healing service that she provides should never be used as a substitute for licensed medical and/or psychological diagnosing or treatment of a health problem or disease. Furthermore, particular outcomes or results from any energy healing service are not guaranteed. 

Adults and Children

My role as an energy healer is to harness and transmit Divine Life Force energy to you. This energy is intelligent and knows EXACTLY what you need for your highest good. People or situations may come across as tailor-made for you and feel like just what you need. Pay attention and act on them because these are not coincidences; they are answers to what your soul has been seeking.

Consistent connection is optimal for the best results.

Life Force Healing Sessions


Single Session



Consecutive Days
(1Full Week)



Consecutive Days

(2 Full Weeks)



Consecutive Days

(1 Full Month)



(403) 998-9071

Group Sessions

Monthly & Tailored to your Group

Check the calendar below to set up Life Force Healing for your group
Contact Dianne to learn more about Life Force energy and get insights, ask questions and receive a group healing session
Pets and Animals
All animals respond to being connected to the Life Force energy as well - whether it's a family pet or a highly prized show horse. 
Contact Dianne for a FREE 15-Minute Consultation to Learn How Life Force Healing May Help You!

(403) 998-9071

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