What Can I Expect in a Blessing?

What Can I Expect in a Blessing?

The blessing is a calm and relaxing 15 minute session that takes place in the comfort of your home. Chances are high that you have been recommended by one of my clients so you already know what to expect.

  • You will have emailed me a current picture of yourself, your name, your birth date and year , along with a description of your problem. If it is an animal , I require picture, name,address and problem.(If crops, wine, products etc, call for instructions)
  • You and I will have a schedule of times set up for your sessions, same time is easiest to remember but can be changed to suit you.
  • I will text or call you a few minutes before your session to confirm you are ready.
  • At the appointed time, you will be resting quietly and concentrating on your breathing and receiving the Divine energy I am harnessing and sending to you. With an animal, they can be resting quietly.
  • You may feel sensations of hot, ice cold, tingling or nothing at all. It is your body’s innate healing that is taking place as I harness and connect you to the Divine.
  • You may get up after the 15 minutes or stay resting until you are ready to resume your activities.
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Dianne Vincent is a scientifically validated energy healer, successful entrepreneur, vibrant presenter and woman leader who utilizes Life Force Energy and its healing benefits for individuals, agriculture and product enhancement.

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