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Norma W, Alberta, Canada, Business Owner

In 2009, before I knew Dianne, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the left breast. My treatment was a mastectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiation. I was then prescribed Tamoxifen for 5 years.

In October of 2013 I discovered a lump in the left chest wall. This was followed up by a surgeon who then got me in the same day for an ultra sound. The results of the exam showed 2 highly suspicious nodules in the area where I had found the lump. We were devastated. My treatments of chemotherapy and radiation in 2009 were very difficult and I knew I could not go through that again. When I got home we called Dianne and she came over. We discussed energy healing and 1 hour later this was started.

I was to have a wire localization needle biopsy in December, 1 long and dreadful month away. Dianne called me the night before surgery and she asked me what I was going to say when they could not find anything. I had not thought about that. I should have. I was prepped and sedated for the biopsy. The tech was scanning my chest and I could tell something was up. Then the Dr. came in and he scanned the whole left chest wall. He looked at me and said this is perfectly normal and no biopsy is needed. The iv was removed and I was discharged.

1 year later in October 2014 I had my check up and follow up ultra sound and everything is normal. No lumps or bumps. Thank You Dianne. You are amazing.

Debbie B, Utah, USA

I had been experiencing hormonal imbalances for several years before and after menopause, including a hypo-thyroid condition. I was taking Armour thyroid as well as a compounded hormone medication to manage the conditions. Over time it became a serious problem in that if I missed a dosing of the troche meds I would begin to hemorrhage. After more blood tests and changing the compound, the hemorrhaging continued on and off for a year, despite all attempts to keep to a regular dosing. The doctor said that an old fibroid tumor in the uterus could be a cause for the bleeding, but changed the formulation once again and even changed pharmacies to compound the medication.

After Dianne worked on these two areas of my body for about ½ hour, I was able to immediately discontinue the troche which I took twice a day. There were no side effects, and within 2 weeks I was completely clear of all the symptoms! After one month, I began to decrease my Armour thyroid dosage and within three months was able to wean myself off of this medicine as well. (This is the kind of medicine that once you are on it, you should never get off of for the rest of your life!)

Dianne is an amazing instrument in Divine hands to do the work she does!

Tina K, Alberta, Canada, High School Science Teacher

I want to thank Dianne for the changes I experienced during my 7 daily biofield treatments. At the beginning of the week, it started with a physical cleansing of the bowel and kidney. Funny how I craved water.

The following day I woke to a healed knee. The Doctor had said 4-6 weeks in a brace, and I went to get up off the couch to put on the brace and thought “it doesn’t hurt” and I stood up. It feels strong and I don’t need to wear the brace.

I also had what I’d call an emotional cleanse. I experienced a huge range of emotions – especially anger. Unfocused anger. Then it just stopped and I feel re-energized and refreshed. No tears just an emotional cleanse.

I also had cold symptoms yet still felt good. I hurt my lungs in a house fire a few years ago and I feel that this “cold”, was my lungs working on repairing themselves because my breathing has improved and I find that I can breath deeper.

Carrie P, Alberta, Canada, Elementary Teacher

In August 2015 I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Up until that point, I was a healthy 46-year-old, mother of 2 and grade one teacher.

Overnight my life changed from being carefree and fun to entering the fight of my life. I decided from the beginning that I had to be as upbeat and positive as possible to become fully healthy again. I was going to do everything the Cross Cancer told me to do but I needed more. I was raised Catholic but tended to stray at times and was not as spiritual as I was growing up in the Catholic faith. I knew that I had to find my way back. I thankfully did as the good Lord has been one of my greatest supports.

A girlfriend had also told me about Dianne Vincent and the “miracle” she had performed on her sister in law who had breast cancer. I was desperate and got in touch with Dianne which turned out to be the best choice I made.

Dianne worked with me for a month in September before I started radiotherapy. I was struggling mentally a great deal during this month and knowing that Dianne was working with me was a huge support. During my radiotherapy I was told of the many side effects that I could experience, however I was so blessed and experienced nothing. At the end of our month Dianne informed me that the tumor was gone and that the MRI would confirm that.

Fast Forward to March when I went in for my first MRI. Dianne continued to state that the tumor was gone. Oh how I prayed she was right…… Sure enough when I met with my oncologist to go over the MRI results I was told the tumor was gone, woohoo!!!

I am so grateful and have been so blessed!